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April 2016   
Message from the President


The first day of April is April Fools Day. Has anyone ever seen a spaghetti tree?!  Google it if you haven’t.April Fools

Lorna did a great job in March with our special master class!  As part of Everything DiSC, Lorna focused on workplace conflict. I can share with you first hand that a lot of interesting and honest conversation came out of this session; items I know I have already put to use.

On April 20th, Dharani Sridharan will lead a presentation on Instructional Design. Instructional design refers to a system that enhances the learning experience of an individual. In training, it shows the path that one takes to reach the learning objectives.  Dharani holds a Master’s degree in International Human Resource Management from Manchester Business School, United Kingdom, and works at Lee Memorial Health system.

Christine DavlinWe have a variety of topics that we are excited about this year, and hope you will join us. If you are interested in hosting or facilitating a program, please contact Lorna, our VP of Programs at Lkibbey@lkibbey.com.

Hope to see you in the near future and be nice when you unleash your inner prankster!

Warm regards,

Christine Davlin

Best Practices of Instructional Design (April 20th)

DharanI Sridharan  At an age and time when learning is a response to every action or external stimuli - It is important to streamline and systematize the way we learn to achieve the necessary results.

This session will address the following questions:

  • Why must an organization design a comprehensive program to its employees?
  • How does the design show the path to learning?
  • What are the best practices of instructional design and how must we use the tools efficiently to reach the learning objectives.


April Event

CPLP Update by Rebecca Ruding

Rebecca RudingLooking for a way to quickly prove your value when applying for new positions?

Consider the Certification of Performance and Learning Professional (CPLP).

With only 1,484 certifications worldwide, the CPLP promotes your Talent Development expertise and experience in the field, instantly bringing credibility to your personal brand. Interested in learning more? Join us for a casual discussion of:

- Certification benefits
- Processes and commitments involved in the certification process
- Support and resources to assist in your preparation

Contact Rebecca Ruding for more information.

2016 Testing Schedule | New Learning System | Preparing for the CPLP



CPLP Study Group: Email Rebecca Ruding for details at Reba422@gmail.com.

Date: April 16th | Time: 10am-12pm | Location: The Grind- Summerlin Rd.

Special Interest Group: Independent Training and Speaking Professionals

Our new SIG (Special Interest Group) has had two successful meetings!

This SIG is for training and speaking professionals who are independents – including anyone who:

  • Runs their own business.
  • Considers themselves an entrepreneur.
  • Operates as a consultant.
  • Is thinking about going out on their own.
  • Works happily with an organization but is thinking of an independent project (writing a book for example).
  • Just wants to have some good discussion on related topics.

Our next meeting will be a breakfast gathering on Monday, April 18 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at Panera Bread at Gulf Coast Town Center, 9970 University Plaza Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913 .

The topic for this session will be: “Writing: Books, Blogs, Articles, Whatever!”

If you’d like to join us, you are welcome. Click here to RSVP online. There is no cost for the event (other than what you decide to buy for breakfast).

Click here to learn more about the Special Interest Group.

How to get more out of your ATD Membership by Teresa Hiatt

Teresa HiattEveryone knows that attending Southwest Florida ATD meetings is a valuable part of their annual membership, but are you really maximizing the investment in your professional development? 

 Try these 5 tips to get more from your membership.

1. Join a Board Meeting.
The chapter Board meets for breakfast the 1st Wednesday of every month. Topics include meeting planning, budgets and fundraising, and special projects. Members are welcome.  Contact a board member for location and times.

2. Be a National Member. 
National membership gives you access to download state-of-the-art training tools, up-to-date research, case studies, e-books, and benchmarking data.  It includes all of the information needed to elevate training and development to the Professional level.

3. Present at a Monthly Meeting. 
Members are welcome to submit ideas for presentations, suggest speakers or topics, partner with board members, or host a meeting at their work facility. Perhaps you would like to run a new program by a professional audience that will provide you with honest feedback.  Because this is a membership-led group, all members have the ability to participate in the sharing of resources and ideas to the group. Your involvement is actively encouraged.

4. Bring a Friend. 
It’s always easier to bounce ideas off co-workers and friends after attending a meeting that delivers a lot of information at once.  Many members find they get more out of their attendance if they share the experience and can review the material together afterwards. 

5. Write an Article. 
Members are also actively encouraged to submit ideas for the monthly newsletter.  Specifically, stories of how members have been able to apply ATD concepts and materials to real-world situations are solicited.  If you’ve developed an exciting training program that got great results, found a unique way to measure training, successfully used a new technology, or had  a revelation around one of the CPLP study topics, write it up and share it with the group.  It will give substance to your achievement, showcase it to your employer or clients, and may encourage others to share their success stories.

Do you have other ways you have benefitted from your ATD membership?  Send your story or quick tips to Teresa Hiatt at Teresa@hiattaviation.com and we’ll include it in a future newsletter.

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If your organization is looking for new talent, please consider sharing your job openings with us so we can include them in our monthly job opening emails. Please send relevant information to Melissa Rizzuto, VP Technology at melrizzuto@gmail.com.

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April 11 - Foundations of Facilitation Skills

April 13 - 5 Strategies for Data Driven Online Training

April 15 - The Ground Floor Leader: A Manager's Guide to Hiring and Retaining Future Leaders

April 18 - How to Fix a Toxic Workplace

April 20 - Time Management: Get Control of Email, Outlook, and iPhones

April 21 - 5 Ways to Help SMEs Facilitate Learning

April 27 - Secrets to Creating Sales Proposals That Close Deals

April 28 - Building a Culture of Learning

April 29 - Evidence Based Care Management

April 29 - Ask A Coach for Leaders with Steve Gladis

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