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March 2016   
Message from the President

Christine DavlinMarch Greetings!

March is upon us.  You have probably heard the old saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb."  With all the crazy weather we and the rest of the country have been experiencing, I say bring on the lamb!

Our February meeting was fantastic! Teresa Hiatt shared some great information about measuring the effectiveness of training. She explored the reasons why we don’t measure, the reasons why we should and some methods to get us there. I heard a lot of positive discussion following the presentation… sharing at its best!

This month will be a special session. It is being held on a different day (not our regular 3rd Wednesday of the month), and it is a longer and more in-depth workshop. As part of Everything DISC, Lorna Kibbey will be focusing on workplace conflict. Many of us struggle with conflict personally and professionally, this will assist us with improving our outcomes.  Registration includes breakfast, the workshop, and personal DiSC assessment, along with scheduling a private 15 minute discussion with Lorna based on your profile results. Visit our website for more details.

We have a variety of topics that we are excited about this year, and hope you will join us. If you are interested in hosting or facilitating a program, please contact Lorna, our VP of Programs at We also have our monthly learning events scheduled through May on the events calendar on our website if you would like to plan ahead.

Hope to see you in the near future and think lambs!

Warm regards,

Christine Davlin

Dealing with Conflict – Featuring Everything DiSC

Lorna KibbeyAre you dealing with conflict issues in the workplace or at home? Many people have struggled to deal with conflict in both professional and personal situations. Today, we have a tool that can be used to deliver a personalized profile that includes specific tips, strategies, and action plans to help increase effectiveness and improve relationships with everyone. ATD of Southwest Florida is sponsoring a workshop facilitated by Lorna Kibbey featuring Everything DiSC and offering best practices in implementing Workplace Assessments to bring this tool back to the job.

Facilitator: Lorna Kibbey


Participants will have an opportunity to take their own Everything DISC assessment - and use it during the session. Lorna Kibbey, M.B.A., C.P.M., a professional speaker specializing in leadership, communication, and motivation will facilitated this energizing workshop.


disc event

CPLP Update by Rebecca Ruding

Rebecca RudingThe 2016 CPLP updates have been announced!

There are three major changes to the CPLP requirements starting in 2016:

  1. Changes to the CPLP exam content: the addition of global mindset content. Learning technologies content also has expanded.
  2. A change to the work product format. The work product will be replaced with an online case study exam called the Skills Application Exam based on an Area of Expertise
  3. Changes to recertification requirements to incorporate the global mindset. Recertification requirement changes apply to individuals who earned their CPLP credential prior to May 1, 2016.

2016 Testing Schedule | New Learning System | Preparing for the CPLP



CPLP Study Group: Email Rebecca Ruding for details at

NEW Special Interest Group: Independent Training and Speaking Professionals

In February, ATD SWFL hosted a new SIG meeting! SIG stands for Special Interest Group – an informal group that provides opportunities for exploring professional development in specific areas of interest; opportunities for sharing expertise; and opportunities to network. Our new SIG is for training and speaking professionals who are independents. In other words, folks who run their own business, operate as a consultant, are thinking about going out on their own, or anyone who would like to join the group for interesting discussion on related topics!

At our first meeting six people met for breakfast and conversation. We talked about running our own businesses – advantages and disadvantages. We shared stories of success and talked about our market. We swapped tidbits of information on subjects ranging from book publishing to business models. We developed a list of topic ideas for future meetings.

We are just getting started and would love you have you join if this is something you would enjoy. Our next meeting isMonday, Monday, March 21, 2016 from 8:00 to 9:00 at Panera Bread at Gulf Coast Town Center, 9970 University Plaza Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913.

Click here to RSVP. Each person is welcome to purchase their own breakfast – there is no other charge to attend.

Click here to learn more about the Special Interest Group.

The ATD International Conference and Exhibition by Teresa Hiatt

Teresa HiattI’ve been a member of the ATD organization for more years than I want to admit and I have had a lot of adventures in training, but some of the most valuable and enriching experiences have been while attending the yearly global conference.  I’d like to share a little and maybe add some motivation for our local members to attend.

The International Conference and Exhibition is made up of three distinct elements.  There is the conference, which consists of learning tracks for all levels and interests, the Expo, filled with vendors of every shape, size, and description, and the ATD Leadership events.  All three of these are woven together with the wonderful sense of community that training professionals feel whenever they are surrounded by people who value the process of development.  Let’s look at all three.

The conference itself is remarkably rich in content.  You’ll gain insights into the latest practices and innovations in talent development, as well as actionable tools and solutions on designing, delivering, implementing, and measuring the success of your programs.  The teams delivering the sessions are screened from hundreds of submissions to allow for the best presenters, delivering the topics most of interest.  Sessions are interactive, and selected specifically to allow you to bring back real-world answers to your top challenges.  Your only disappointment will be the inability to attend every session.

The Expo is actually a little overwhelming, but only at first.  If you have ever tried to source any training tool, software, program, or resource of any type, you will find a representative here, ready and willing to give you hands-on demos, simple explanations, and allow you to touch and compare their products.  You will be able to see and evaluate new and exciting ways to solve training problems, and make contacts with companies that you may need in the future.  Plus, there are LOTS of free give-aways from many of the vendors to take home and try.

ATD also takes advantage of bringing everyone together to hold ATD Chapter Leadership meetings and provide learning and connection opportunities for local chapters.  These are great places to “steal” best practices from other Chapters! 

Attendance at the conference can be expensive.  Considering the value of the professional development, knowledge of solutions available, training community contacts developed, and exposure to the best and brightest in the training world, it can have a return on the investment far in excess of what it costs.  Many organizations recognize the value you will bring back and sponsor attendance as part of a development path, or you can “earn” days of attendance at the sessions by serving as a volunteer for ATD.  Some vendors will even offer free “Expo Only” passes if you pre-register with them, which will get you into the Expo, and you can visit the bookstore, etc.

If you really want to have your employer sponsor you to attend, be sure you have a defined plan in place of how you will use the info you’ve learned in the coming year.  Check out the agenda and session descriptions by interest area here

And finally, be sure that if you get to go that you come back and share with the chapter!!

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