November 2016 Newsletter
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November 2016   
Don’t put your device away! Using Mobile Devices for Active Learning

It’s about time we start asking our participants to take out their smartphones and tablets during our sessions! At this learning event, you will be introduced to websites and mobile tools that can be used to enhance the learning process during your training sessions. We will demonstrate how these tools can help you to solicit feedback, facilitate interaction, encourage participation, and assess learning immediately.


Learning Event

Worth the Work: Putting Others First Establishes Long-lasting Business Relationships by Dr. Geri McArdle

Recently, I read an article in the Florida Weekly,* Business Section, page A41, October 4, 2016 by Matt Stewart, co-founder of College Works Painting, a house-painting company that provides business experience for thousands of college students each year.

In his article, Matt stated that “...some argued that entrepreneurs are terrible when it comes to relationships, and some suggested that entrepreneurs are pretty good.” Here is a list of Matt’s tips for maintaining business relationship, and a couple of added tips suggested by our chapter membership.

1. Reach out to people. “Keep a list of your 20 closest friends and 10 people that you want to get to know better. Keep in touch. Show your friends you care by asking how they’re doing and what’s new in their life.” Ask people you want to build relationships with what you can do for them. Be genuine and focus on the other person. By doing this, you show how committed you are to the relationship. At the same time, you will be more aware of what is going on.


2. Be there for others. “Do you have a person in your life that you lean on? This is a person you will call immediately without even thinking about it because they’re consistently there for you. Be that person for others. You can do this by just making time for them.”

As a practitioner/entrepreneur, time is the best gift you can give. If someone calls, if a staff member comes into your office, make time for them. Be engaged. Don’t cut one meeting short for the upcoming meeting. Just plan better, provide support and counsel.”

Click here to continue reading more, including 3 more tips!

Save the Date!
Employee Learning Week Networking Event on December 7th.

More information, including loction and time,will br posted on our web site soon. We hope to celebrate the end of another amazing year with you!

Message from the President

Christine DavlinGreetings!

November is upon us. For many that equates to the rush of the holidays, for others it may be a time to reflect on 2016 and what we accomplished (or didn't accomplish)!

We held our 2017 Strategic Planning Board Meeting in October, and I am excited! We have some fresh perspectives and renewed commitment to our chapter as we move into 2017. We will be sharing more information in the coming months.

I am also looking forward to November's meeting; "Using mobile devices for active learning." Our very own Melissa Rizzuto will be leading this session that will be held at FSW, on the 16th. At this learning event, you will be introduced to websites and mobile tools that can be used to enhance the learning process during your training sessions. Don’t forget to bring your mobile devices with you for this interactive session! Visit our website for more information:

If you have any ideas for future presentations, or are interested in hosting or facilitating a program, please contact Lorna Kibbey, our VP of Programs at

On behalf of the entire board, we hope to see you at our next session! Stay tuned for details of our networking evening event on December 7th!

Warm regards,

Christine Davlin

CPLP Update by Rebecca Ruding

Rebecca RudingLooking for a way to quickly prove your value when applying for new positions? Consider the Certification of Performance and Learning Professional (CPLP).

With only 1,484 certifications worldwide, the CPLP promotes your Talent Development expertise and experience in the field, instantly bringing credibility to your personal brand. Interested in learning more? Join us at our monthly study group even if you're just interested in learning more about CPLP.

Contact Rebecca Ruding for more information.

2016 Testing Schedule | New Learning System | Preparing for the CPLP



CPLP Study Group: Email Rebecca Ruding for details at

Special Interest Group Update: Independent Training and Speaking Professionals

Our ATD Special Interest Group (SIG) for independents is going strong – and getting stronger. In SW Florida, this SIG is known as Seriously Independent Gurus. This is a great forum for discussing your ideas, issues, and thoughts on how to do business as an independent here in SW Florida. If you would enjoy discussing a wide array of topics with a wide array of professionals, please join us. All who attend agree that we very much enjoy the richness of our discussions and appreciate the support provided to one another.

We meet monthly with our next meeting being on Wednesday, November 9, 8:00 a.m., at Panera Bread Gulf Coast Town Center. There is no cost for attending other than what you choose to spend on breakfast! All are welcome. Questions? Please contact Lorna Kibbey at

This SIG (Special Interest Group) is for training and speaking professionals who are independents. Click here to learn more about the Special Interest Group.

Employment Opportunities
ATD Competency Model

Are you looking for a new position in the talent development field?

We will begin sending monthly job opening emails to SWFL Chapter members in 2016. If you are interested in receiving these emails and are not yet a member of our chapter, please consider joining. More information can be found on the Membership page of our web site and you may also contact Erin Burnheimer, VP Membership at

If your organization is looking for new talent, please consider sharing your job openings with us so we can include them in our monthly job opening emails. Please send relevant information to Melissa Rizzuto, VP Technology at

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