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October 2016   
ATD SWFL Member Highlights

Vern Schellenger (Power Member and Board Member) was recently profiled by Sharon Armstrong, a DC based consultant, as her selected SAA Network Consultant of the Month. Sharon maintains a network of consultants that she refers to potential clients looking for a particular training session or other related HR/OD projects. Congratulations, Vern! Click here to connect wih Vern.

Cheryl Lynn Dratler, MCC (Chapter and SIG Group Member) has written and published several articles on LinkedIn, including "Does your Passion Make you Vulnerable to Burnout?" and "Who's Left in the Closet at Work?". Please click here to connect with Cheryl and follow her posts.

If you would like to share news or accomplishments in our chapter newsletter, please contact us at atdswfl@gmail.com.

Action Learning Is Popular Once Again! by Dr. Geri McArdle

An article entitled Questions, Answers, and Problem Solving in the Public Sector, T&D Magazine, March 2016 by Andrew Rahaman opens with this statement, "... action learning is the consummate learning - built on the idea that when workers are encouraged to ask open-ended questions, they will explore solutions to solve urgent and real problems rooted in the context of work."

Rahaman's article brings to mind my first encounter with action learning. In early 2001 I was assigned to design a leadership retreat for a group of scientists located at the National Institute of Health, in Bethesda, Maryland. Specifically, the group wanted to learn how to solve problems in "real time" and that's how action learning came into play.

Action learning is defined as a learning and problem-solving strategy for organizations, whether they are commercial, government, or non-profit. Action learning teams, usually consisting of four to eight members, are organized by the administration. The primary focus of an action team is to increase employees' learning capacity within an organization while responding to a real world challenge in a cross-departmental team.


An action learning team can be ad hoc, voluntary or appointed. Team members can have diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences. Teams are expected to first understand the objective of their assignment, and then commit their time, energy and expertise to the learning process and finding a solution to the challenge.

Team members participate as equals, empowered and encouraged to contribute no matter what their rank or role with the organization. Because the focus of action learning is to solve real problems, not to make recommendations, teams are trusted with the necessary resources by the organization's administration to take on an issue. As an added result, teams can present the organization with new procedures that build the productive power of the organization.

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Click here to read the entire article by Dr. McArdle.

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With our busy schedules, it's not always easy to attend monthly learning events or SIG meetings. That's why we created a LinkedIn group to stay connected, share ideas, network with local professionals, and continue discussions online. Check out the group by clicking here.

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Member Showcase - Your Five Minutes of Fame!

Learning Event

ATD Is a safe place for Members – and a place where members can grow.

In this session, members will be given an opportunity to do a five minute presentation (not a sales pitch). After the presentation, the audience will complete an anonymous feedback form to give you honest, constructive feedback on your style, topic, and stage presence. You will leave with personalized feedback based on your Five Minutes of Fame!


Message from the President

Christine DavlinGreetings!

October? You know what that means? Although it is only the start of Fall, holiday decorations will start to appear everywhere!

Lee Health (new name) hosted a Master Class in September. A panel from their Leadership & Organization Development department, which included Carol Simonds, Dick Daniels, and Rebecca Ruding; shared their succession planning process. The program was recognized by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) as a best practice, and they will be presenting at the ATD October Regional Conference in Charlotte, NC! The content and delivery were great, and those in attendance found great value! Personally I am looking forward to Part II!

October is a Member Showcase meeting and will be held in the morning (8am to 9:30am). Participants will have the opportunity to try something new in front of a safe audience of peers. Time will be limited for each presentation and the audience will complete an anonymous feedback form to provide honest, constructive feedback on your style, topic, and stage presence. Visit our website for more information:

Our 2017 Strategic Planning Board Meeting will be held on October 11th. If you are interested in becoming a board member, volunteering for a committee, or wish to participate in our planning meeting, please let me know!

If you have any ideas for future presentations, or are interested in hosting or facilitating a program, please contact Lorna Kibbey, our VP of Programs at Lkibbey@lkibbey.com.

On behalf of the entire board, we hope to see you in the near future!

Warm regards,

Christine Davlin

CPLP Update by Rebecca Ruding

Rebecca RudingLooking for a way to quickly prove your value when applying for new positions? Consider the Certification of Performance and Learning Professional (CPLP).

With only 1,484 certifications worldwide, the CPLP promotes your Talent Development expertise and experience in the field, instantly bringing credibility to your personal brand. Interested in learning more? Join us at our monthly study group even if you're just interested in learning more about CPLP.

Contact Rebecca Ruding for more information.

2016 Testing Schedule | New Learning System | Preparing for the CPLP



CPLP Study Group: Email Rebecca Ruding for details at Reba422@gmail.com.

Special Interest Group Update: Independent Training and Speaking Professionals

Our ATD Special Interest Group (SIG) for independents is going strong – and getting stronger. In SW Florida, this SIG is known as Seriously Independent Gurus. This is a great forum for discussing your ideas, issues, and thoughts on how to do business as an independent here in SW Florida. If you would enjoy discussing a wide array of topics with a wide array of professionals, please join us. All who attend agree that we very much enjoy the richness of our discussions and appreciate the support provided to one another.

We meet monthly with our next meeting being on Monday, October 17, 8:00 a.m., at Panera Bread Gulf Coast Town Center. There is no cost for attending other than what you choose to spend on breakfast! All are welcome. Questions? Please contact Lorna Kibbey at LKibbey@LKibbey.com.

This SIG (Special Interest Group) is for training and speaking professionals who are independents. Click here to learn more about the Special Interest Group.

Employment Opportunities
ATD Competency Model

Are you looking for a new position in the talent development field?

We will begin sending monthly job opening emails to SWFL Chapter members in 2016. If you are interested in receiving these emails and are not yet a member of our chapter, please consider joining. More information can be found on the Membership page of our web site and you may also contact Erin Burnheimer, VP Membership at erinburnheimer@gmail.com.

If your organization is looking for new talent, please consider sharing your job openings with us so we can include them in our monthly job opening emails. Please send relevant information to Melissa Rizzuto, VP Technology at melrizzuto@gmail.com.

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October 10 - Using CSR to Engage New Employees During Onboarding

October 11 - The Secrets of E-Learning: Tools That Boost Learner Engagement

October 12 - Crucial Competence: Building Emotional and Social Intelligence

October 13 - Kirkpatrick's Four Levels Of Training Evaluation: Do You Really Know The Four Levels?

October 14 - Innovative Leadership: Solving the Innovation Equation

October 17 - Sustain the Learn Amid the Churn: 7 Practices for Creating Resilient Learning Organizations

October 19 - The Future Workplace Experience: Prepare For Disruptions in the Future of Learning and Working

October 25 - Maximizing the Value of Talent Management

October 28 - Too Much To Do! I Never Get Everything Done


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