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February 2017   
Expanding L&D's Effective Reach with Lisa MD Owens

The key to effective training in today’s fast-paced business environment is to design and deliver training that impacts the learner on a daily basis. It requires expanding learning beyond the standard courses and classes to include touchpoints at the Social, Formal, and Immediate levels (SFI).  This method is part of the 5-step Modern Learning Design Process (MLDP) as taught at "The Modern Learner" ATD LearnNOW course.  Join the Southwest Florida ATD Chapter at the February meeting for an overview of this new design process and gain an understanding of how your organization might benefit.


Learning Event

Lisa MD Owens is a learning expert who applies learning sciences to create training programs that move businesses forward. She designs training for the in-person and virtual classrooms and the web.


Open Board Position

We have an open position on the ATD SWFL Chapter Board of Directors. We’re looking for an engaged member to assist with PR/Marketing and researching sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested or would like to learn more about the position, please contact Lorna Kibbey, Chapter President at LKibbey@LKibbey.com.

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Starts Today by Dr. Geri McArdle

The author of Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Scott Steinberg, was published in the January 2016 TD Magazine, where it was noted that he believed that change remained exponentially important in today’s business world all thanks to the advancements in technology and communication.

Here Steinberg suggested that, “…scrappy young start-ups are continually disrupting markets, customer behaviors are constantly changing, and new trends are replacing old.” From my perspective, with over 25 years in training and performance improvement, the future will be far from predictable.

Big and small organizations in our community constantly search for new ways to improve their products, delivery systems, customer ratings, and employee satisfaction. By initiating the interest in improvements, they will strive to adapt to the change that is happening in order to keep up with maintaining customer satisfaction.

As human resource employees and training practitioners, we too must seek to foster better relationships with our business partners and clients in order to assist with the development of the staff. This remains an important aspect that could be used to be able to accept and cope with these somewhat expected, yet changes nonetheless in the market section of a business and in our own lives.

Not being willing to change will promote stagnation in our lives. Not changing is something we should fear more than change itself. Steinberg states, “… the next ten years will bring more change than the prior 10,000.  What’s more, market evolution also is happening at a blistering clip.”  These rapid changes, and the need for tomorrow’s leaders to be ready in order to accept new challenges is the single biggest issue that is currently facing our community’s business and educational institutions now! 

Dr. McArdle also shares more information about the need for training and education, along with a list of skills for the future. Click here to continue reading...

Millennials in the Workplace

Message from the President

Lorna KibbeyFebruary is the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Personally, I have always loved the symbol that represents Valentine’s Day – the heart. It is recognized the world over as a symbol of love. It reminds me daily of all the things I love – like ATD!

I love what is happening with our Chapter right now. Membership growth in 2016 hit an astounding number reflecting a 72% increase! Our programming is incredible – the focus on learning, networking, and professional development are evident. I love that our technology is better than it has ever been, that we are putting our face on social media, that our finances are solid, and that we have talented members working toward becoming future chapter leaders. Our Board is strong and every person is passionate about “creating a world that works better.” (ATD Mission)

I love what is happening within our industry. At our January meeting, Teresa Hiatt shared with us a wealth of information as reported in the 2016 ATD State of the Industry Report. We learned that more than half of all training delivered continues to be instructor-led; that spending on learning is in fact a top priority for organizations; and that more than 60% of organizations rely on on-the-job training. We now know important facts such as the average direct expenditure per employee on training, and what areas of content are most in demand.

I love that our chapter has expanded to include a Special Interest Group (SIG). Our SIG has named themselves “Seriously Independent Gurus.” This group meets monthly and consists of a diverse and very talented group of training and speaking professionals who are independents (people running their own business or thinking about it). The discussions are rich and the participants support one another in solving problems and achieving goals.

There is so much to love! And the good news is that there is plenty of “love” to go around. I hope to see you at our February 15 event – I can’t wait!

Lorna Kibbey
your SW FL ATD President

Discounts for 2017 ATD International Conference and Exposition (ICE) Registration

The 2017 ATD International Conference and Exposition (ICE) will be in Atlanta, May 21-24.

To Register – We are hoping to have enough chapter members in attendance to qualify for a registration discount. Please contact Liz Linares, Board Secretary, at ELinares@leegov.com for more information.

To Volunteer – Send an email to ice2017volunteers@atdatlanta.org and tell them you’d like to volunteer! When you volunteer, you get one free day at the conference for each day you work.



Rebecca Ruding

CPLP Study Group: Email Rebecca Ruding for details at Reba422@gmail.com.

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Special Interest Group Update: Independent Training and Speaking Professionals

Our ATD Special Interest Group (SIG) for independents is going strong – and getting stronger. In SW Florida, this SIG is known as Seriously Independent Gurus. This is a great forum for discussing your ideas, issues, and thoughts on how to do business as an independent here in SW Florida. If you would enjoy discussing a wide array of topics with a wide array of professionals, please join us. All who attend agree that we very much enjoy the richness of our discussions and appreciate the support provided to one another.

We meet monthly with our next meeting being on Wednesday, February 22, 8:00 a.m., at Panera Bread Gulf Coast Town Center. There is no cost for attending other than what you choose to spend on breakfast! All are welcome.

Questions? Please contact Lorna Kibbey at LKibbey@LKibbey.com.

This SIG (Special Interest Group) is for training and speaking professionals who are independents. Click here to learn more about the Special Interest Group.

Employment Opportunities
ATD Competency Model

Are you looking for a new position in the talent development field?

We send monthly job opening emails to SWFL Chapter members. If you are interested in receiving these emails and are not yet a member of our chapter, please consider joining. More information can be found on the Membership page of our web site and you may also contact Erin Burnheimer, VP Membership at erinburnheimer@gmail.com.

If your organization is looking for new talent, please consider sharing your job openings with us so we can include them in our monthly job opening emails. Please send relevant information to Melissa Rizzuto, VP Technology at melrizzuto@gmail.com.

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