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January 2017   
State of the Industry and Your Local Chapter

If you’d like to know more about the fascinating talent development industry please join us on Thursday January 19, 11:30 to 1:00 at Keiser University Auditorium. Teresa Hiatt will lead this discussion of key findings from the ATD 2016 State of the Industry Report. Also on the agenda, a report of what is happening with your local chapter. You will hear how the chapter is meeting Chapter Affiliation Requirements and key goals for 2017.

As a bonus, you will leave with everything you need to know to access the entire 2016 State of the Industry Report (free to ATD National Members)..


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Facilitating Positive Change at FSW by Dr. Geri McArdle

During Professional Development Week at Florida SouthWestern State College, I conducted a change management short course titled: Change Can Happen to Anyone at Any Time. Change was the focus of the short course.

The session started with participants sharing what the word change meant to them.  The word evoked responses such as challenging, opportunity, and movement from the participants. Surprisingly, these all we regarded as positive responses to the word.

In previous sessions that I have facilitated in community organizations, participants shared words such as: difficult, messy, dictates, drastic or reorganization. These I would consider as all negative feelings towards the word change. These responses usually came with negative side effects and changed the various discussions that were held.

So why were the responses positive during the Professional Development day at Florida SouthWestern State College?  I began the session with a word association exercise.  I asked the audience to write down the word that first came to them when I said the word “change”. What usually happens is that most audiences share words that are associated most closely with negative ideas. Not this FSW audience.  The words were positive, such as opportunity, challenge, or a new way to execute tasks.


Next on the agenda, was a discussion about how the organization and staff handled change in different situations. I did this to focus on how to provide the audience with an opportunity to discover a simplistic tool that was easy to use so that each participant could utilize it affectively to monitor their own their individual self-change. A number of participants made changes in their goals and created a report back system using a contract.  The contract worked like this, each participant was assigned a “buddy” in the class where the two members worked together throughout the class time to create goals. They finished up with signing a contract in order to agree to complete to “check-ins” with their buddy in order to motivate them to achieve their goal.

According to the recent feedback I received, a number of session participants kept in touch with their support colleagues and met their goals. Some of those goals included registering for a class, losing weight, organizing their desk, and or washing their car for the New Year 2017. This was a success for the session by promoting change.

At this point you may be asking what it was that was different about those included in the Florida SouthWestern State College staff?  Click here to continue reading...

Message from the President

Lorna KibbeyHappy New Year! The New Year brings with it a promise of hope. It’s refreshing! Exciting! Full of promise! Good news – our Southwest Florida ATD Chapter is ready!

I am honored, after years of service, to become your President! Yes, I served as your president before – 2009 to 2012. I also served on the ATD National Advisory Committee from 2012 to 2015. Actually, I have served as a member of our chapter’s Board since 2006, in almost every role! Those who know me know of my passion for ATD. As an independent professional speaker and trainer, I feel strongly that we must advance our profession – and ATD helps us in every way.

I have accepted another term as presidency (one year) with much excitement and anticipation. Our Board is as strong as it has ever been! We are making strides – and we hope you will take an active role.

Our meeting in January (Thursday the 19th) will give you valuable information on what is happening in the Talent and Development Industry. Then we will give you specifics on how our Chapter is doing. We will show you what we accomplished in 2016 and share our goals for 2017. Your mission as you listen to the information shared in January is to consider how you fit with SWFL ATD. It is all about value. How can ATD help you to fulfill your mission, and how can you help ATD in turn?

Lorna Kibbey

Please feel free to get in touch with me anytime. My email address is: LKibbey@LKibbey.com.

I hope to see you January 19!

Lorna Kibbey

Your SW FL ATD President

Employee Learning Week (December 5-9, 2016) by Vicki Lowden

"Increasingly, business leaders realize that the most important asset in our knowledge economy is talent, and a skilled workforce is key to realizing results. We encourage all organizations to demonstrate their commitment to learning by recognizing Employee Learning Week." - Tony Bingham, ATD President and CEO

On December 7, 2016 the Southwest Florida ATD Chapter came together for Happy Hour at Cantina 109 at Gulf Coast Town Center to celebrate Employee Learning Week and the work done by talent development professionals throughout 2016.

For those unfamiliar with the initiative, Employee Learning Week is an awareness campaign, spotlighting the critical role talent development plays in helping companies achieve strategic results. Corporate activities associated with Employee Learning Week range from small to large affairs and private to community-wide events.

Those who attended the Chapter festivities enjoyed Mexican food and drinks along with an opportunity to visit with friends old and new. Conversations included learning more about individual areas of expertise and local employers; shared challenges and possibilities within the industry; open positions and new jobs secured. Even favorite restaurants were talked about.

Together, we celebrated a shared love of the work we do and our contributions to our communities and our industry. Cheers to everyone and best wishes for continued success in 2017!

Key Benefits of Networking at ATD Local Chapter Meetings by Teresa Hiatt


One of the most commonly cited benefits of joining ATD is “networking” and it turns out, it’s a very powerful benefit, if you know how to utilize it. It’s more than just showing up for meetings; it’s taking the time to actively cultivate professional relationships in a common field. There are specific ways to nurture and benefit from professional networks and here we can review the top five.

  1. It’s the “little moments” that count. Relationships are formed through small talk and professional relationships are no different. Try arriving ten minutes early for meetings and do not touch your phone or computer. A few minutes of interaction will do far more for developing your professional network than answering one more email.
  2. Ask for help. Use your time with peers to ask for help with sticky problems you may have at work, whether it be for tips on new technology, soliciting opinions on a project, or even asking about good books to read. You may get some great info, but you will also begin to create professional relationships that will expand your knowledge and experience base.
  3. Opportunities are knocking. Whether you are thinking of things like joint ventures, client leads, partnerships, invitations to speak or seeking information about potential job openings, opportunities are not created in a vacuum. All the best opportunities are shared one on one in informal channels. This area is the true ROI of professional networking. By forming professional relationships, developing all of these types of opportunities becomes possible.
  4. Freedom to fail. One of the huge benefits of professional networking is that you get the chance to bounce ideas or new processes off of trained professionals who can give you honest feedback (or at least honest reactions) before you risk the presentation or idea in a real-world environment. ATD Local Chapters are a great venue for consulting swaps or even just a friendly face to speak your thoughts out to and see what they sound like without risking negative actions.
  5. Soak up positive vibes. Sometimes, we get worn down by budget restraints, travel bans, audits, deadlines, sales slumps, or the one hundred other ways a job can suck the life out of you. It’s a welcome change to spend a couple hours with people who are glad to see you and have some exciting topic in your field to talk about. Being around people with a positive mindset can be very uplifting and studies show we tend to model the people around us. Professional networking allows you to surround yourself with successful people who can then share their attitudes, habits, and optimism to help you improve your own performance.

There is a saying that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and if it’s true, professional networking with your local ATD Chapter can elevate your average by at least a few points!




Rebecca Ruding

CPLP Study Group: Email Rebecca Ruding for details at Reba422@gmail.com.

2016 Testing Schedule | New Learning System | Preparing for the CPLP

Special Interest Group Update: Independent Training and Speaking Professionals

Our ATD Special Interest Group (SIG) for independents is going strong – and getting stronger. In SW Florida, this SIG is known as Seriously Independent Gurus. This is a great forum for discussing your ideas, issues, and thoughts on how to do business as an independent here in SW Florida. If you would enjoy discussing a wide array of topics with a wide array of professionals, please join us. All who attend agree that we very much enjoy the richness of our discussions and appreciate the support provided to one another.

We meet monthly with our next meeting being on Monday, January 23, 8:00 a.m., at Panera Bread Gulf Coast Town Center. There is no cost for attending other than what you choose to spend on breakfast! All are welcome.

In honor of the NEW Year, I've been thinking about doing something that is NEW to me (as related to my business). I've concluded that NEW is scary. So I'd like to initiate a discussion on this at our January meeting.

And, I'd like to challenge you. How about you think of one thing you can do this year that is NEW to you (as related to your business)? Let's talk about it on 01-23.

Questions? Please contact Lorna Kibbey at LKibbey@LKibbey.com.

This SIG (Special Interest Group) is for training and speaking professionals who are independents. Click here to learn more about the Special Interest Group.

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If your organization is looking for new talent, please consider sharing your job openings with us so we can include them in our monthly job opening emails. Please send relevant information to Melissa Rizzuto, VP Technology at melrizzuto@gmail.com.

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