In our February chapter event, "DQ, Ethics and You," Dr. Bill Moskal facilitated a conversation on authentic leadership. He described this leadership as a "Triple Threat:" IQ + EQ + DQ

Watch as Dr. Bill talks more about DQ.

Although there are instruments to measure IQ and EQ, there is no instrument for DQ. DQ requires intentionality, effort and creativity.  The measure of DQ is the extent of your influence.

Dr. Bill then walked us through a 15 question self assessment of our Ethics and DQ, focusing on our level of trustworthiness.

People don't buy WHAT you do - they buy WHY you do it. Dr. Bill's DQ commitment is: It's not about Quality or Productivity, its about People."

We had great interaction throughout the session and look forward to more great learning opportunities in 2020!  We would love you have you join us for a future event. Click on one of our upcoming events to register.

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