In case you missed the December 2017 event...

Thank you to everyone who joined us as we celebrated Employee Learning Week with a panel discussion on Mentoring in the Workplace.  Representatives with varied backgrounds spoke on how mentoring is impacting the workplace in different arenas and industries.

Lori Kleiman from HR Topics - Speaker, Author, and Facilitator: Lori discussed her finding for a recent study conducted by and sponsored by Inside Out Leadership.  The article is titled:  Coaching As a Management Must:  What’s at stake when managers don’t coach their teams well—and how to turn the tide.

Lori spoke about:

  • The study’s key findings:  
  • 94% of organizations state that leadership coaching has remained an important development tool at their organization
  • Unfortunately, fewer than 20% of organizations report that their leaders are effective coaches and mentors  
  • Four-fifths of all organizations who report their managers are good coaches report higher productivity and engagement among their teams
  • A key take-away is to train managers on coaching and mentoring and not just assume that because they are a manager, they can successfully accomplish that part of their role
  • How mentorship and manager coaching drive both employee engagement and productivity
  • Not all managers are naturally good coaches, and many tend to direct rather than coach their staff
  • Employees crave a personal connection and guidance from managers, and these must be provided if we hope to retain top talent
  • A majority of organizations polled intend to retain or increase mentorship programs in 2018

Anthony Wright Jr., MSN, RN from Lee Health - Resident Development Specialist:  Anthony is responsible for overseeing the clinical and professional development of Nurse Residents by working with assigned clinical coaches, as well as the nurse resident. He assures that the standards, policies, and procedures of the Nurse Residency Program are supported in a consistent and standardized manner by Lee’s nursing units.

Anthony spoke about:

  • Changes in nursing student/resident mentoring and education to better consider generational differences (e.g. Millennial, Gen. Z)
  • New, national, nurse resident employment statistics
  • Lee Health’s Nurse Residency Program and the Resident Development Specialist Role

Joe Nugent from Holiday Inn - Director of Sales & Marketing: Joe has dedicated his career to helping others.  He is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Award-Winning Holiday Inn Fort Myers Airport, leading a team of 5 and selling 169 rooms and 7,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space.  He also serves as the Chair of the Bonita Springs Area Chamber for Young Professionals.

Joe spoke about:

  • How having a mentor enables Young Professionals to be a better employees
  • When Young Professionals have a mentor, they are more likely to become engrained into the community, and stay for a longer period of time
  • The relationship between FGCU and the Young Professionals network, which has allowed students to be mentored by Young Professionals
  • The mentor gets as much, if not more, out of the relationship
  • A mentoring program does not have to be burdensome; it can be loose enough to accommodate everyone’s needs but still maintain clearly defined expectations and goals

Jennifer Ciesinski from Cloudbeds Learning & Development, Cloudbeds has extensive experience starting formal mentoring programs in a corporate setting.  Jennifer received a Starting a Mentoring Program certification from Perrone Ambrose in 2006. 

Jennifer spoke about:

  • The essential elements to address when starting a mentoring program in your organization; from program objectives, structure, and training, through program evaluation 
  • Breaking down departmental silos
  • Understanding others’ challenges across the organization
  • Developing internal networks
  • Passing down organizational knowledge

For further research, The Association for Talent Development (ATD), has a great workshop that examines what you need to develop a successful mentoring program, and provides you with best practices for implementing it: 

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