Our Value Proposition for You


Learn, Network and Grow Professionally

Based on our philosophy of bringing together the best and brightest of the industry and the ATD methodology of developing peak workplace learning and performance, the local chapter serves as an easy to access education resource for the training professional. 

A typical meeting might find a talent development professional sharing business models with another professional next to a brand new trainer getting pointers from a 25 year + tenured veteran. Across the room, another brace of trainers can be heard discussing the relative merits of various brands of USB headsets to be used in virtual training sessions.

If you or your team are in the profession of providing training and education services, this group is a resource you need to explo

program components

Members: Our unique blend of consultants, practitioners, training leaders and seasoned professionals make our members our most valuable resource.  Your answer is here, what’s the question?

Monthly Meetings: Every member meeting is planned around the body of knowledge required of training professionals today and supports the skills development required by the Certified Performance Learning Professional exam.  Rather than just a social event, these meetings have meat.

Special Events: From community outreach to study groups to networking activities,  each year finds the group offering member requested outings.

Workshops/Master Class Sessions: The Chapter also sponsors skills mastery sessions around key education concepts, curriculum development and technology competence.

Monthly Newsletter: Keep up to date on local happenings in the training industry and what’s new in the chapter.

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