May 15 Monthly Meeting

  • 15 May 2013
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Rasmussen College 9160 Forum Corporate Parkway, Room#102,, Fort Myers, FL 33905

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Nine Principles of Brain-Based

Teaching and Learning

  “The brain is not designed for instruction.”  If this statement is true, then what IS the brain designed for?  To answer that question, this highly interactive session will exploreBrain Roots nine principles of brain-based teaching and learning, along with specific implications for training and trainers.  Based on the research of Renate and Geoffrey Caine (Making Connections: Teaching and the Human Brain), the presentation will include an array of active learning applications, and will model brain-based modalities that promote participant learning, engagement, and, ultimately retention.

This session will cover nine brain-based learning principles and implications for teaching and learning:

  1. The brain is a parallel processor.
  2. Learning engages the entire physiology.
  3. Search for meaning is innate and occurs through patterning.
  4. Emotions are critical to patterning.
  5. The brain simultaneously perceives and creates both parts and wholes.
  6. Learning involves both attention and perception.
  7. Retention is best with context memory.
  8. Learning is enhanced by challenge, inhibited by threat.
  9. Each brain is unique.

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