President's Monthly Message - March 2020

March is filled with several celebrations. Some of which include International’s Women’s Day (March 8th), Pi Day (March 14th), St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th), and Spring Equinox (19th), each having its own unique theme, and sharing a common theme of time.  Time to progress forward to foster an equal and enabled world that cultivates good fortunes for all. There is a time for everything and now is the time to build capability!

Enter Talent Development to build individual capability for career success and organizational performance to attract and retain capable people, who can get the job done right! Last month Dr. Bill Moskal addressed the triple threat leadership quotient of intelligence, emotional, and decency – that is, IQ + EQ + DQ.   Doing the right thing for employees and colleagues so that everyone feels respected and valued. Trustworthiness is the outcome from the impact of this tripart leadership equation. 

Workplace motion forward should be circular to improve upon what is known by making the necessary adjustments to influence performance – that is, continuous quality improvement. Considering that Pi (π) is constant and the definition of Pi (πis the circumference divided by the diameter of a circle (3.14159265…….), we can analogize change as a constant and define successful change as how well leaders can navigate through the cyclical iterations to evolve organizations and retain their most valuable assets: Their people!  Planning, acting, observing, and reflecting are important activities that move in circular motion to produce a trustworthy organization where people want to work, because they feel respected and valued and are compensated appropriately for the talents they contribute to the organization’s success. 

Today, many organizations are going through digital transformations, using data analytics and integrating artificial intelligence into workplace processes, changing the way jobs are performed, and shifting the composition of the workforce with part-time and contract workers. Change as a constant means staying relevant in the digital age of advancing technology with life-long learning to be capable as a talent development (TD) professional and prudent leader, poised with confidence and wisdom to influence change effectively.

I am excited to have Dr. Nancy Zentis, Founder and CEO of the Institute of Organizational Development as our featured speaker for this month’s TD event!  

Dr. Zentis will provide insightful discussion on how you can up your Change Quotient (CQ) in the context of overcoming resistance to change and sharing resources that can help you be effective at influencing change.  

Come join us on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 11:30 am – 1:00 pm, at the Collaboratory, 2031 Jackson Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901

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Together, We Create a Southwest Florida Community that Works better with You! 

I look forward to seeing you at the Collaboratory for the March 25th TD Event!

In the meantime, keep pursuing capability for intentional learning and leading! You can personalize the ATD Capability Model for your needs, as you reflect on your current field of practice for today and tomorrow. Access the model and take your self-assessment:

LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D.

ATD – Southwest Florida President

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