President's Monthly Message - May 2020

May is a month to give thanks, honor, and appreciation to those who serve sacrificially for the needs of others and to those who defend fearlessly our country for liberty and justice. This month is also filled with recognition of specific careers like teachers, nurses, emergency medical service (EMS) workers, waiters and waitresses, receptionists, and moms – superwomen tirelessly serving in multiple roles to nurture, protect, and encourage loves ones.  Whether it’s appreciation week for teachers (5/4 – 5/8), nurses (5/6 – 5/12), EMS workers (5/17 – 5/23) or a special day of recognition for moms everywhere (5/10), receptionists (5/13), wait staffs (5/21), or military past and present (5/25), the work we each do matters to the people and organizations in which we serve. Let us each do our part to show appreciation and encouragement to others.

Some may be feeling overworked and underappreciated, especially those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking time to recognize and appreciate the work we and others do is healthy and promotes a sense of well-being to be grateful for what we have, and what we can do, wherever we may be.  

I am thankful and appreciative of my fellow Board Members and chapter members who have stepped up to help our chapter adjust from in-person events to engaging virtual sessions. The collaboration has resulted in process improvements and innovative ideas for better member engagement. 

Joanne Cumiskey

Also, my colleagues and I on the Board are thrilled to welcome Joanne Cumiskey as Director-at-Large.  Joanne recently relocated to Southwest Florida from the Detroit area, where she served in similar Board position for the ATD Detroit Chapter. Joanne is also President of Vision Quest Leadership, LLC. She will be filling the vacancy of departing Board Members, Lorna Kibbey and Jennifer Ciesinski.

We, as a Board, are very grateful for the dedicated work of Lorna and Jennifer, who both served in the Director-at-Large position for our chapter and we appreciate their commitment to talent development excellence over their years of service to our Southwest Florida chapter’s vision and mission – thank you both very much!  

As Southwest Florida reopens for business, our chapter is poised to support talent development (TD) professionals for career success in networking and collaboration to help organizations successfully implement change management solutions to address the COVID-19 situation. The focus on educating and equipping work staffs to adjust effectively.  Also, to add value to organizations by improving personal and professional capability via the ATD Capability Model. 

At last month’s featured event, Joanne Cumiskey facilitated engaging discussion on the ATD Capability Model and synthesized new perspectives for personal and professional capabilities in times of crisis, which provides career development opportunities and also transitions nicely into May’s virtual event facilitated by Vern Schellenger

Vern has extensive leadership experience as a TD professional, HR generalist, head of corporate university, and as a career management consultant and coach.  He will present an insightful discussion on networking skills to increase collaboration for career success and how to build your personal brand by creating stories that communicate your expertise. 

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Together, We Create a Southwest Florida Community that Works better with You! 

I look forward to seeing you online for the May 27th TD Event!

In the meantime, stay well, stay positive, and keep pursuing capability for intentional learning and leading! You can personalize the ATD Capability Model for your needs, as you reflect on your current field of practice for today and tomorrow. Access the model and take your self-assessment:

LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D.

ATD – Southwest Florida President

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