President's Monthly Message - Feb 2020

February is a special month when we nationally celebrate Black History, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day, each holiday having its own theme of special recognition and in the spirit of love to be all we are capable of being – personally, professionally, organizationally, and as a blessed nation!

To be capable is to be prudent in work/life success. Successful talent development (TD) professionals understand that leadership and learning go together like bread and butter. For example, formal training is good, but it’s better when it’s spread with opportunity to apply that learning through relevant work experiences and meaningful feedback from mentors, bosses, and co-workers. Becoming capable requires intentional learning that produces confidence to lead and perform successfully. That means you intentionally learn to understand, so that you can prudently apply knowledge and skill in the work you do. As you progress, you also intentionally learn to apply critical thinking to differentiate trends, spot abnormalities, and anticipate problems before they occur to improve processes. Intentional learning is an attribute of prudent leadership to develop personal and professional capabilities, which include ethical considerations to build trust and produce work/life success.

What I like about the new ATD Capability Model is its holistic application of work/life success for the whole person.  All three domains (personal, professional, and organizational) intersect to form a triple point of performance excellence for the TD professional / leader. Whereas, the individual domains help guide development planning, the triple-point combination can build a sense of complete confidence to lead and perform successfully. It’s kind of like making a great-tasting cake. Each ingredient by itself does not make for a great-tasting cake. But, when you mix all the ingredients together by prudently following the instructions, and allow the process of time to bake, a great-tasting cake can be an outcome of excellence. Likewise, the ATD Capability Model provides us with a recipe for talent development success to be capable, especially when you consider that work/life experiences form 70% of our development via experiential learning – with 20% coming from social learning and 10% from formal learning.

February 2020 is a great month with an extra day (Leap Year) to apply the ATD Capability Model for intentional learning and development! You can personalize the model for your needs, as you reflect on your current field of practice for today and tomorrow. Access the model and take your self-assessment!

Today, many organizations are going through digital transformations, using data analytics and integrating artificial intelligence into workplace processes, changing the way jobs are performed, and shifting the composition of the workforce with part-time and contract workers. Staying relevant in the digital age of advancing technology means ongoing learning to be capable as a TD professional and prudent leader, poised with confidence and wisdom, which also includes ethical considerations.

I am excited to have Dr. William Moskal as our featured speaker for this month’s TD event! Dr. Moskal will provide insightful discussion on understanding your Decency Quotient (DQ) in the context of ethical capability for building trust and promoting integrity for work/life success. Dr. Moskal is a leading authority in the areas of team building, leadership development and executive coaching with more than 35 years of consulting experience enhancing human performance.

Come join us on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 8:00am – 9:30 am, CareerSource, 6800 Shoppes at Plantation Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33912

To register, click here!

Together, We Create a Southwest Florida Community that Works better with You!

I look forward to seeing you at CareerSource for the February 26th TD Event!

LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D.

ATD – Southwest Florida President

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