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By Dr. Geri McArdle

This month I discovered a section in the TD magazine that I had neglected to notice before—Intelligence.  The Intelligence section is exactly what a trainer needs to “tune up”. Included in the article is a job seekers’ tool and a quick way to convert classroom-based course work to online based work. 


Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer Education and author of PathBoost article on page 11 of the October 2016 TD Magazine, made note that talent acquisition, retention, and productivity are the three things that are concerns of companies today. To address these concerns, Strayer Education built an online platform for hiring managers to improve their recruitment strategies called Pathboost.

When a job seeker applies to a company that uses PathBoost system, the candidate will click on the “PathBoost” button on the company’s career page and will be invited to build a virtual resume.  

After creating a virtual resume, the candidate watches a series of interactive documentary-style videos to learn more about the company. These videos can range anywhere from where the company fits in the diverse industries as well as the core job skills and behaviors necessary for the position. In addition to watching the video presentations, the candidate will be asked a series of questions to answer. 

Once the candidate completes the question-responses process, the candidate information is sent to a hiring manager for an evaluation of the compatibility the candidate has with the company for a hiring decision. By using a PathBoost, the company can provide a deeper-level of understanding the company’s identity to the candidate. It allows for the connection to the industry at large, and the hard and soft skills needed for job success with the company. 

There is a chance for your next career seeking venture, you might just be introduced to the PathBoost program.

Tips + Tricks

Adapting classroom-base course material for virtual use is easy according to David Smith, author of Adapting Training for the Virtual Classroom in the October 2016 TD magazine, p. 11. This article provided a model entitled DECREE. The DECREE model can be broken into pieces in order to better explain the importance of the acronym.

  • Define. Determine the business, and review the learning objectives required to meet this need.  Also, ask yourself, “... is the virtual classroom is the best platform for presenting the information?”
  • Evaluate.  Review existing course content to determine if repurposing this content is appropriate. Another component to determine is, will the learners participating in this online course have the needed technology to take and a virtual course? This needs to be applied to the newly presented information.  
  • Create. Map out the learning journey for the audience. Determine what steps they will take to learn the necessary information and skills and what media they will use.
  • Reproduce. Prepare the course material for online. Do not try to simply convert your classroom-based course to an online format, make sure that you “translate” the content and learning activities to ensure that there exist a logical sequence of practice activities, informational events, and targeted learning outcomes for each learning module/lesson in your course.
  • Engage. Contemplate how to engage participants before and after the course. Is there enough information that the audience can learn before the course, so they can spend class time practicing? How can you ensure manager buy-in so that they support the learners after the course ends?
  • Execute. Present the course and conduct an evaluation that measures knowledge transfer.

Using the DECREE model works for online based conversion.  All you need is a little time to think through your propose learning process and understand what level of mastery you want the learner to achieve. 

About the Author

Geri McArdle has been a practitioner in the human resource field for 25 years. She has published nine books on human productivity and numerous juried research articles in professional journals... a founding member of our Chapter, an international trainer and consultant, she now spends her time in Fort Myers. 

You can read more by Dr. McArdle in our monthly chapter newsletters.

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